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Foam Stonefly

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Hook: SUD2 Ideal Standard Dry
Code: Tyer's Grade Cape - Brown
Body: Camel Dubbing - Natural
Wings: Male Mallard Breast
Hackles: Tyer's Grade Cape - Brown / Tyer's Grade Cape - Grizzly
Mounting wire: Standard 8/0 - Brown
Closing glue: Hard Head Clear

A classic of dry fly fishing, ideal on trout, grayling, and chub, as well as in the season of March and April, in size # 16 it's a deadly ephemeral all year round, especially using it when stalking. The double brown and grizzly hackles give it a beautiful natural effect when laying on the water.

NOTE: This artificial fly is hand-tied by Matteo Lavezzini. So you can always order it in the desired quantity, but if the number of pieces ordered is not available in stock, it will take time to build them.

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