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Foam Bee - Terrestrial

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Hook Size: #12 15BNY Klinkhammer
Body: Foam Bee Body / Fine Diamond Dubbing - Black / Low tack Swax / Foam - Black
Wings: Roe deer / Crystalflash Medium - White Pearl / Crystalflash Medium Solid - Copper
Signaler: Foam - White
Mounting wire: Standard 6/0 - Black
Closing glue: Hard Head Clear

Hand made by Italian Fly dresser Matteo Lavezzini For UK waters, the Roe dear Caddis is specially designed and tested for fishing in England. The foam bee is a deadly artificial for dry fly hunting, especially in the summer months when these insects approach drinking streams and are a constant food in the diet of trout, chub, and char.

HIGH FLOAT: the foam both as an indicator and on the body, combined with the roe deer hair, make this fly unsinkable, and can also be used in dropper fishing (it floats with a nymph under 3.5!)

HIGH VISIBILITY: the indicator made with white foam allows you to use the same type of fly both on the white foam of the water, in the shade, and in the sun.

NOTE: This artificial fly is built hand-tied by Matteo Lavezzini. So you can always order it in the desired quantity, but if the number of pieces ordered is not available in stock, it will take time to build them.