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Fly Fishing on Lake Como

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I put this brief guide to Fly Fishing on Lake Como for the prospecting fisherman who is visiting the lake on Holiday and wishes to enjoy some great fishing while on vacation. This book also includes the fish species that can be found on Lake Como.

In this brief book, I will be covering the following aspects:

Licenses and where to buy them- This is particularly important as there are different types of licenses and you will be pleased you have bought the correct license and are going home without a fine. Safety around and on the lake, the high banks, and the coastline, and the irrational weather on the lake can be a cause of concern if you do not know how to confront them.

Regulations and restrictions- I will cover fundamental regulations and fishing restrictions so that you are not caught unaware.

Other things treated in this book include a handy dandy map of the best areas to fish for the different species, I have not mentioned all the fish species that are available, instead, I have concentrated on a few good species with good catch rates, how to fish for different species, including what fly rod to choose, what flys are best suited, what time of year is best for each species, species description and finally fishing action.

Have great fun out their respect regulations keep safe and most of all enjoy the fishing!


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