COMPETITION - Whieldon Fly Fishing
COMPETITION - Whieldon Fly Fishing
COMPETITION - Whieldon Fly Fishing


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Whieldon Fly Fishing's Competition Grade Polarized Fishing Sunglasses. Built on a sturdy aluminum frame. Designed for tough conditions. Perfect for competitions and sight fishing. The Green & Yellow lens allows you clear visibility in all scenarios except bright light. 

The yellow tint allows maximum light transmittance of any polarized lens and increases contrast while filtering out blu light. The yellow is also very effective in low light or heavily overcast conditions.

While the green tint maintains true light balance and is perfect for varying light conditions. The green tint is formulated to emphasize colors the eye sees most easily and de-emphasizes less useful colors. perfect for sight fishing, this is the most all-round lens setup. Something you should have on you where ever you are.


  • Green & Yellow lenses

  • CAT 3 polarized lenses

  • UV 400 eye protection

  • Aluminum frame

  • Comfortable easy grip temples

  • Whieldon Fly Fishing Glare reduction Technology

  • Reduced plastic footprint on the water.

  • Impact resistance

Fitting guide

The ‘fit’ guide is a range of different face shapes, below you can see how the different face shapes suit the frame.