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Sports Sunglasses

"Liro" Freshwater Lenses - Superior Quality fishing glasses- Red Polarized Sunglasses

Superior Quality unisex fishing glasses at an affordable price

Designed for freshwater. The blue-tinted Cat 3 UV 400 polarized lenses with red mirroring offer 60% light transmittance with 40% light absorption.

Used in partly cloudy and sunny conditions these lenses excel on darker colored water letting in the maximum amount of blue light.

One of the top 3 most important essentials for a fly fisherman.

Polarized sunglasses work! And they work by eliminating the glare from the horizontal sun rays that bounce of reflective surfaces not only they also help:

  1. Reduce water surface glare Glare and sun in your eyes, which, in turn, improves your water visibility and improved FISH VISIBILITY 
  2. Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays
  3. Extra shade on the face will keep you fresh on the water
  4. The glasses will offer extra protection from swinging flys   
  5. Handcrafted rosewood temples
  6. Reduced plastic frames.

Sports sunglasses

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