Arpo - Whieldon Fly Fishing
Arpo - Whieldon Fly Fishing


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Hook: SOUTH Ideal Standard Dry # 20
Body: CDC Bright Natural
Mounting wire: Standard 8/0 - Brown
Wings: CDC Bright Natural
Head: Standard 8/0 - Brown
Closing glue: Hard Head Clear

The Arpo is a fly as simple as it is effective. It is ideal for fishing graylings, trout, and chub. Personally, given its very small size (I love # 20), it cannot be seen on the water from afar (especially at the coup de soir) and it is necessary to set on the rise, but I admit that I always have some ready in the CDC fly box because they are often the trump card!

NOTE: This artificial fly is built hand-tied by Matteo Lavezzini. So you can always order it in the desired quantity, but if the number of pieces ordered is not available in stock, it will take time to build them.

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