Whieldon Fly Fishing


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 Polarized Fishing Sunglasses. The classic brown lens is the best-polarized lens for sight fishing

These unisex polarized fishing sunglasses are designed with flats and sight fishing in mind. The Copper tinted lenses offer 23% light transmittance and 77% light absorption.

The lenses improve depth perception and increase the distinction of contours. Great on sunny and overcast days with increased contrast. The 102 line of glasses are built on a sports full wrap-around frame to diminish any extra glare that may come through the sides. This combo is the best sunglasses for sight fishing and general all-round scenarios.

TAC Lens Technology

Tri Acetate Cellulose (TAC) polarized lenses feature a new lens technology formulated for superior visual and polarization clarity. They have a scratch coating and block 100% harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometers. These lenses are very lightweight and highly impact resistant.


  • Copper tinted lenses
  • 23% light transmittance
  • 77% light absorption
  • Polarized lenses
  • 100% UV eye protection
  • Whieldon Fly Fishing Glare reduction Technology
  • Italian design