What are the best sunglasses for fly fishing?

What are the best sunglasses for fly fishing?


What are the best sunglasses for fly fishing? What color lens is best for fishing? Do I have to spend a lot of money on good fishing glasses? How do you choose polarized sunglasses for fishing? What sunglasses have the best lens? Questions that we want to answer for you today.


Hello everyone, I am sure you are by now getting ready for your 2020 season and are on the look for the top 10 polarized sunglasses for your days out fishing.  Well First off, if you are like me that is fed up with loosing, scratching, breaking, dropping, bashing expensive Costa, Oakley Smiths sunglasses and breaking down after realizing how much money just went down the drain, then you will be seriously thinking, should I fork out those big bucks for those glasses? Well, we might have a solution for you, a solution that delivers superior quality polarized fishing glasses at a more affordable price. That way you won't feel that you broke the bank buying them.


Do I have to spend a lot of money on good fishing glasses?


So we thought we would give you our top picks from our polarized sunglasses catalog that might make you change your mind on buying overly expensive sunglasses for fishing. All our glasses are under $100 and offer amazing quality to price. We compared all our designs to high-end glasses that you are paying over $100, $200 $300 for, and found that our glasses held up extremely well during testing. So well that you have to ask yourself; well maybe sometimes over a certain price you are actually just paying for the name rather than a superior lens and frame quality.


What color lens are best for fishing?


You should be asking yourself what water will I be fishing? Each water requires different lens colors to maximize efficiency and visibility. Each pair of  Whieldon Fly Fishing sunglasses are designed for different specific usages, what do we mean with that? We mean that each pair of glasses has been designed with particular water in mind, be it small pocket water, crystal clear rivers, Flats, lakes, and blue water. Each pair of glasses has its advantages. But before we give you our best products, let's ask ourselves why are polarized sunglasses are so important for fly fishing?


why are polarized sunglasses so important for fly fishing?

 Well, polarized sunglasses work by eliminating the glare from the horizontal sun rays that bounce of reflective surfaces reducing water surface glare and sun in your eyes, which, in turn, improves your water visibility and improved FISH VISIBILITY. But they also help:

  1. Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays
  2. Offer extra shade on the face will keep you fresh on the water
  3. Protect you from swinging fly’s 


So now you know why polarized sunglasses are so important.  here are our top 5 pairs of polarized sunglasses for your fishing season.


Top 5 pairs of polarized sunglasses for Fishing.





 Competition, best glasses for fly fishing,

Competition Polarized Fishing Sunglasses. These unisex polarized fishing sunglasses are built on a sturdy aluminum frame these glasses are designed for tough conditions. Perfect for competitions and the unknown. The Green & Yellow lens allows you clear visibility in all scenarios except bright light. 

The yellow tint allows maximum light transmittance of any polarized lens and increases contrast while filtering out blu light. The yellow is also very effective in low light or heavily overcast conditions.

While the green tint maintains true light balance and is perfect for varying light conditions. The green tint is formulated to emphasize colors the eye sees most easily and de-emphasizes less useful colors. perfect for sight fishing, this is the most all-round lens setup. Something you should have on you where ever you are.



Riva, what lens color is best for fishing,

Riva Polarized Fishing Sunglasses. Best polarized sunglasses for sight fishing

These unisex polarized fishing sunglasses are designed with flats and sight fishing in mind. The Copper tinted Cat 3 UV 400 polarized lenses offer 23% light transmittance and 77% light absorption.

The lenses improve depth perception and increase the distinction of contours. Great on sunny and overcast days with increased contrast. Build on a classic elegant plastic frame with bamboo temples this pair of glasses combines good looks comfort and functionality all in one beautifully presented pair of glasses. This is the best color combo for sight fishing and general all-round scenarios except for bright sunny days.



acqua granda, best fishing glasses, whieldon fly fishing,

The Acqua Granda Unisex is designed specifically for blue water. The Cat 3 UV 400 Melanin tinted, polarized lenses with blue mirroring block out high amounts of blue light while maintaining true color balance.

The lenses provide high contrast for better visual acuity on bright sunny days. They are good in varying light conditions and have the highest protection from harmful sunlight filtering out harmful UV rays.

Dark enough for wearing in bright sunlight but improve contrast enough to be able to see indoors. The Acqua Granda sunglasses are built on a beautiful Italian designed,  handmade wood frame, offering comfort and durability while keeping an elegant style. These are the best color for fishing in blue water




 Mallero, Flats lens, sight fishing, small water, best fly fishing sunglasses

Designed for chalk streams and flats. The Cat 3 UV 400 polarized lenses with green tints with amber inside lense filter blue light and reduce glare while offering high contrast and visual sharpness. these lenses are ideal for inshore and shallow water fishing. This is the best color combo for sight fishing on the flats.


The green mirroring also helps reduce eyestrain in bright light, while the grey lens color increases contrast and dampens certain backgrounds. Best in average and bright conditions.


This pair of Cool Eco-Friendly, Handmade glasses reduce your plastic footprint on the water. Protect your eyes and help you catch more fish. 

#5. LIRO

Liro, pocket water lens, sight fishing, small water, best fly fishing sunglasses

The Liro sunglasses are a superior Quality unisex fishing glasses at an affordable price. Designed for freshwater. The blue-tinted Cat 3 UV 400 polarized lenses with red mirroring offer 60% light transmittance with 40% light absorption.

Used in partly cloudy and sunny conditions these lenses excel on darker colored water letting in the maximum amount of blue light. The Liro sunglasses are built on a beautiful Italian designed, handmade Rosewood temples, and plastic frame. Offering comfort and durability while keeping an elegant style. These lenses are ideal for inshore and shallow water fishingThis is the best color combo for sight fishing in darker water.

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