Top 100 Places to Fly Fish - The River Test

Here we go, Whieldon fly fishing top 100 places to fly fish. These are in no particular order but for reasons of fly fishing excellence have made it to our list.

The River Test

The River Test is a river in Hampshire, England. It has a total length of 40 miles and it flows through downland from its source near Ashe to its estuary at Southampton, where it converges with the River Itchen to form Southampton Water. In its upper reaches it is a chalk stream, and is used for fly fishing for trout
I was fortunate enough to be invited to fish the incredible River Test. With this trip ticked off my list, I managed to complete The 3 Legendary Chalk Streams of the UK: The Test, The Itchen, and The Kennet! What an awesome trip to close that chapter.
The water is fast and clear, the beat I visited was exceptionally looked after, and the fish stunning. Today we were not dry fly fishing but rather, we fished a mix of streamer fishing and nymphing.
whieldon fly fishing thomas whieldon holding a brown trout on the river test
For some reason some days when I don't see fish rising right away, when I see them feeding subsurface I get this almost perverted urge to nymph, I know its frowned upon on Chalk streams but today it was time to try something different My First fish was on a Nymph jig P.T I found this beauty just underneath the bank on a quick deep bend right on the bottom. The Current seemed to give the brownie extra strength, it shot upstream then back down until eventually, I managed to bring her into some calmer water and gently land her.
I then Managed a few lovely graylings in between some rocks, a pleasant surprise that they went for the same large nymph. Both grays were fantastic and great to fight. I kept going and got into a few more stunning brown trout, one I spotted stalked and nymphed the others were smaller natives that aggressively took the nymph. Yes I know I should have changed the nymph and made it more challenging for myself but it was working so well I thought, naaaaaaa.
Fly Fishing the rivers test angler with superb brown trout
The day was superb plenty of fish landed, Most fish were caught right under our feet on the edge of the bank in the faster deeper water. At the end of the day, Ben Also landed a corking brown on a black bugger that really made the day. Superb river. the combination of fast, clear running water, deep bends, width, natural formations and of course natural beauty make this a superb river to fish In fact, so far I think its the best river I have fished in the UK. 

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