Il Fiume Copper - Top 100 Posti dove pescare

Welcome to the fly fishing diaries!

Here we go, Whieldon fly fishing top 100 places to fly fish. These are in no particular order but for reasons of fly fishing excellence have made it to our list.


n100 The Copper River


#100 starting off our list is the incredible Copper River in Alaska.

 The Copper River is one of the premier wild Alaska rainbow trout rivers; and considered by many, one of the premier rivers in the world. It is a State of Alaska designated «trophy rainbow river» and regulated to «fly fishing only; catch and release.» It is this designation that has kept the fishing on the river so outstanding.

The Copper River is one of the best trout rivers in Alaska. It is a fly fishing only river. It is easily waded and crossed.
Guests can spread out and fish every inch of the river.
Dry fly fishing! The Copper River has some of the best dry fly fishing in Alaska in June and July. It is lower 48 style trout fishing for Alaska sized trout.

They also have amazing Sockeye salmon fishing in July.
The Copper River rarely blows out. Over 80% of the water coming down the Copper comes from a lake. Any river can blow out if the Copper does blow out it recovers very quickly (the river itself is only 22 miles long).
Our guides are the best our guests have fished with.

So where to stay, well  The Copper River Lodge is the only lodge on the world-famous Copper River itself.  You can walk right down to the river from our lodge and be fishing.   While there are other lodges in the area, other lodges have to boat 5-15 minutes to get to the river, and it is impossible to fish in front of the lodge.


Check these guys out its worth it!


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