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Pro Staff Stories - Adventures in the mountains

Paolo Ercoli WFF Ambassador
Once in the beautiful town of Griante, on the shores of the famous Lake Como, I am warmly welcomed by our dear friend and Instructor Tom Whieldon, who accompanies me to the welcoming and comfortable Hotel Britannia.
After arranging the luggage, I reach Tom at the restaurant, where we tasted excellent dishes based on lake fish, accompanied by a bottle of excellent wine.
From here begins our fishing adventure, in fact during dinner Tom shows me the itineraries of the following days, with some hints on the flies to be used.
The hope is to face two days of fishing, one on an alpine stream and the other on an alpine lake at about 1600 m. After dinner with a good local digestive, I go back to my room, already euphoric for the next day's program.
I wake up early and after a hearty breakfast, we load the car and set off in the direction of the Spluga Valley, more precisely in the characteristic hamlet of Vho in the splendid and suggestive Valchiavenna.
Parked the car in the equipped air near the Borgo, time to fill in the permits available at the La Brace Ardenno hunting and fishing Comico, Rizzi Sport Chiavenna and Pianeta Pesca Morbegno shops, take the path and approach the stream that runs along with the hamlet above indicated.
Arrived at the stream, with a first glance we see some rises, I set up my rod, I mount on the tip a parachute on a hook of 12 of pink color and I begin to probe the first hole. Here the stream presents itself with beautiful holes, quite deep ending with quick scrapes that enter the hole below. We are facing the classic, but difficult mountain stream.
Given the distrust of the trout, I put a tip of 14 1.80 cm long, thus reaching a length of 5 meters. After a few flipped casts, the first strike arrives, a beautiful brown trout with fantastic colors. Not so big but very combative. I continue to undermine the hole always throwing backward, but doing curved poses, as the current was slightly stronger. After a while, here we go up another couple of trout and so we decide to go up the stream in search of more interesting pools and maybe big fish. In the meantime, the trout activity drastically decreases and I decide to change fly by putting on a sedge. Even here, after a couple of curved casts, you can see a trout rising on the artificial fly.

Now arrived at lunchtime and with a rather high temperature for the season, we decide to stop to reach the restaurant for a good lunch. Typical restaurant with good food, and on the advice of Tom I taste the pizzoccheri, a typical Valtellinese dish and a good craft beer.
Around 3 pm, now with the sun behind the mountains, we return to the stream and prepare to end the day with a few more catches. The first hour passes with few attacks and a lot of waste, perhaps the heat had lowered the activity, which starts at full speed around 17 with a nice hatch of small light-colored ephemerals.

In a short time I change fly and I start having a good set of strikes on my fly again, on a hook of 12 in white color, thus changing also the diameter of the tip passing to a 0,16 but always keeping the same length.

Around 18.30 with the sun practically disappeared behind the mountain we head towards the car satisfied with having spent a fantastic day in this wonderful alpine stream.

We return to the hotel and after a bit of relaxation, I go down to the restaurant together with my friend Tom where we are served typical dishes of the area and as always happens in the dinners of fishermen, we start talking about the day spent and the beautiful fario. The evening ends with the illustration of the second day of fishing, and at the word Grayling my eyes start to shine.
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