Fishing the river Wye

Here we go, Whieldon fly fishing's top 100 places to fly fish.

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I just love how many new rivers and waters I have the fortune to explore over here in the UK. Since I moved from Italy I have already fished some truly fantastic chalk streams, and still waters. Each time I visit these waters I learn something new. Trying my hand and upstream dry fly, improving my casts, studying the water for a better fly match. It's all part of the learning curve and I have to say I love it.
Originally when we booked the river Wye Rowsley beat we had agreed since it was a 3-hour drive from where we are that we were going to spend the night in Bakewell near the beet and fish the next day. 
Unfortunately due to COVID-19, that whole idea went down the drain so we had to decide whether to drive 3 hours up and 3 hours back or cancel the trip. Naturally, we chose to fish. so that day we set off early, with my buddy Tony driving kindly all the way there and all the way back. 
We got to the river at around 10 am. The outside temperature was a low 8 degrees C, cloudy, and overcast. My kind of fishing. We proceeded to get our gear together and start scouting the water, keeping well hidden and away from sight. Unfortunately spotting fish in this darker water was almost impossible so we switched from stalking to prospecting.
We found a hatch of Ephemera Vulgata later on in the day and what I believed to be some Olive uprights.  I fished big with some  Caddis patterns, Mayfly patterns and had some success on rising trout. I managed to land quite a few wild rainbow trout that have seemed to make a population on that particular stretch witch was a very nice surprise, if you like rainbow trout that is.  However none of the fish I caught where photo or video worthy I still had a great time landing them and sending them home. In the afternoon I managed to land a small but stunning grayling and lost the only brown trout of the day. 
My friend Tony also had some good success landing a more sizeable trout,  making it the fish of the day. Unfortunately just as it was getting really good around 7 pm we decided that our tedious 3-hour drive home was beckoning. We would have loved to stay on. Who knows what pleasant surprises we may have caught that evening.
All in all, we had a fantastic time and I see this beat being extremely prolific.  Definitely worth anyone's time of day. I will be returning here soon I hope.

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