Fishing the River Dun

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Fishing the River Dun (historically known as Bedwyn Brook) is a tributary of the River Kennet flowing through Wiltshire and Berkshire in England. Its main source is in the parish of Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire and it flows 16 kilometers (10 mi) for its whole course ENE into Berkshire, where it discharges into the Kennet at Hungerfordwhich has a smaller average flow and width upstream of that point. Our first visit to the River Dun, at the Hungerford Marsh, beat.
Chalk stream dry fly fishing is actually quite a new reality for me. Having grown up dry fly fishing small pocket waters in the Italian alps, these kinds of waters have been a new reality to tackle and explore. This was a beautiful little chalk stream set in the classical British countryside. I had booked this beet a long while before COVID-19  and I was very lucky in finding out two days ago that the rivers would open up again right on the day I had booked the Dun.
I received an email on the rules and regulations, in ways very strict, a good kind of strict, a strict designed to test you, designed to be sporting.  I was excited about the whole idea of Stalking the fish, the upstream single dry fly was the name of the game. No wet flies, no nymphs, just what I envisioned chalk stream fishing to be in the UK. We left at a reasonable time of the day and arrived at about 11, I was hoping to arrive and find some sort of hatch, unfortunately, there was no insect life, only later on in the day did we discover some lovely hatches of very small ephemerals.
We scouted the river trying to keep as well hidden as possible the wildlife was fantastic lots of fish, swans, we even saw owl chicks in the trees. The trick was not finding the fish because there are plenty of them but finding the fish that are actively feeding. It was a really fun experience, stalking them, trying not to be spotted, getting close, thinking of how to plan the cast so as not to spook the fish, ever so delicately preparing and finally putting into action your idea in hope for a rise. 
<img src="whieldon-fly-fishing-brown-trout-river-dun.jpg" alt="fisherman posing with brown trout">
We found a lot of fish feeding under the surface but only a few we managed to convince to rise and take our flies. I found success with a Olive upright and again a small parachute emerger that I happened to have in the box, We ended up with two lovely Grayling and a corker of a native Brown trout.
Olive upright fly fishing fly hand tied by whieldon fly fishingparachute emmerger whieldon fly fishing hand tied flies uk
All round a lovely day, relaxing, peaceful, and delightfully British in essence. I hope to get quite a few more chances to fish waters like these. It truly is an art and really very fun. Your knowledge and craft are put to the test.
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