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I have a huge passion for fishing and cooking in general. I learnt how to cook working in kitchens in Italy, and also by having lots of friends who also happen to be Italian chefs. Overtime they helped me create recipes and shared there's with me. My Love for fishing and cooking game especially grew while I lived in Italy. I would bring back the days catch or shoot and I would get help from the cooks to prepare these beautiful dishes and exquisite flavours. All with simple ingredients and fun to cook for friends. Don't be caught out as the one who cannot cook when on the road with your friends or family. Especially if you are a hunter-gatherer.

In these books, I have journaled my experiences and research derived from my years of following with passion my favourite pastimes. My books vary from cookbooks to tips and tricks on the water. It is an always expanding catalogue that I wish to share with the world in the hopes that people will get the same enjoyment that I did in creating them.

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