RIVA - Whieldon Fly Fishing
RIVA - Whieldon Fly Fishing
RIVA - Whieldon Fly Fishing
RIVA - Whieldon Fly Fishing


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Riva Polarized Fishing Sunglasses. Best polarized sunglasses for sight fishing

These unisex polarized fishing sunglasses are designed with flats and sight fishing in mind. The Copper tinted lenses offer 23% light transmittance and 77% light absorption.

The lenses improve depth perception and increase the distinction of contours. Great on sunny and overcast days with increased contrast. Build on a classic elegant plastic frame with bamboo temples this pair of glasses combines good looks comfort and functionality all in one beautifully presented pair of glasses. This combo is the best sunglasses for sight fishing and general all-round scenarios.


  • Copper tinted lenses
  • 23% light transmittance
  • 77% light absorption
  • CAT 3 polarized lenses
  • UV 400 eye protection
  • Handmade wooden frame
  • Comfortable bamboo wood temples
  • Whieldon Fly Fishing Glare reduction Technology
  • Reduced plastic footprint on the water.
  • Handmade with eco-friendly wood temples
  • Italian design

Fitting guide

The ‘fit’ guide is a range of different face shapes, below you can see how the different face shapes suit the frame.