LIRO - Whieldon Fly Fishing
LIRO - Whieldon Fly Fishing
LIRO - Whieldon Fly Fishing
LIRO - Whieldon Fly Fishing


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Designed for freshwater. The red mirrored lenses offer 60% light transmittance with 40% light absorption.

Used in partly cloudy and sunny conditions these lenses excel on darker colored water letting in the maximum amount of blue light. The Liro sunglasses are built on a beautiful Italian designed, handmade Rosewood temples, and plastic frame. Offering comfort and durability while keeping an elegant style. These lenses are ideal for inshore and shallow water fishingThis is the best color combo for sight fishing in darker water.


  • Red Mirroring 

  • 60% light transmittance

  • 40% light absorption 

  • blue-tinted lens

  • CAT 3 polarized lenses

  • UV 400 eye protection

  • Handmade Rosewood temples

  • Whieldon Fly Fishing Glare reduction Technology

  • Reduced plastic footprint on the water.

  • Impact-resistant

Fitting guide

The ‘fit’ guide is a range of different face shapes, below you can see how the different face shapes suit the frame.