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polycarbonate, polarized, photochromic, prescription lens

The Pelagic frames come fitted with grey to dark grey transition lenses, made from ultra-clear ballistic polycarbonate, with a blue mirror tints. Designed to cut through the blue water, improve visual acuity, and protect your eyes.

What is a photochromic lens?

The photochromic lens darkens and lightens according to the sunlight's UVB rays. Meaning the brighter it is the darker they get. The lighter it is, for example, indoors, the lighter they become. Allowing you to see clearly in all weather.

Our floating Lens

The Grey lenses with a choice of  Yellow Mirror tint colour combination is best suited for super bright, sunny days where there are high contrast lighting conditions. It should be mentioned that the mirrored lenses have the added benefit of reducing glare

The lenses improve depth perception and increase the distinction of contours. Great on sunny days with increased contrast and fishing deeper waters.   

The frames are designed to float with this lens choice.


Floating Technology

We decided to go to design our frames around our lightweight TAC lenses with a sturdy Tri acetate ultra-lightweight wrap around frame that ensures that light does not hit the side of your eye and the lightweight design will ensure that your glasses float and are comfortable throughout the day. We do not guarantee floatation with our PC lenses.


Prescription Lens
We offer custom prescription lenses on all our polycarbonate line of lenses. Please contact us before placing your order.

Here To Help

If you have any questions please contact +447483155346 alternately email store@whieldonflyfishing.com today!