The Liro river Browns

The Valchiavenna is an alpine region crossed by the Liro and Mera rivers. The Valchiavenna joins together with Valtellina and the territories of Val di Lei and Livigno, in the province of Sondrio.
It is located in the Lombardy region, north of Lake Como. The brown trout is not considered different from other morphisms of the Salmo trutta. Typical of the upper part of the rivers, with clear waters, well oxygenated and with a temperature that never exceeds 25 degrees.
The Native Brown trout that inhabit the smaller mountain streams of the Valchiavenna and have taken on these beautiful dark colours that capture the fisherman eye, they are of exemplary beauty, to finish the spectacular moment of catching these trout is catching them in this particular scenery Giant ancient boulders form the bed of were thecrystal clear Liro river flows through.
Although they are small in size there natural beauty and aggressive nature make it a fantastic fish to chase, they are weary  and shy and a great fish to hunt on a relaxing day exploring the local Valley.
So what do you think, is it worth taking a few hours of your holiday to come and visit the fantastic place?
*Video and photos featuring Paolo Ercoli. Whieldon Fly Fishing Ambassador 
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