She was almost mine!

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I remember Taking this Photo, thinking dammit, she was almost mine. I was at Sweetwater's guide school, MT preparing for my first year as a guide and getting my qualification. There are no drift boats over here where I live, so yea..... this was my first-time drift boating! And yea! It was awesome. This happened on one of the days we were out with the guide instructors on the drift boat on the bighorn. 
The instructor that was next to me was showing us the importance of casting right to shore when streamer fishing, in fact, the whole time we were on the bighorn, that was the way to go with the streamer. Cast to the shore and strip, it was one after the other. so here we were pounding the river edge with these big fat streamers, and the guide instructor calls out "remember a few things, on the river it can be helpful to remember: foam is home, and wood is good, it helps to cast in these areas fish are known to lurk there" or something similar to that, I can't remember exactly.
So I see around the next bend an overhanging trunk that was extending into the river from the shoreline. It had a long space under it, long enough to sink a streamer and retrieve it anyway. Quite a hard cast but an accurate, fast angled cast would work well. So I bided my time cast under the trunk with a big fat Zonker I wait a few seconds, then strip! I see a big shadow come up fast then retreat into the shadows, I was on the front of the drift boat, the guide instructor was on the back! he saw my reaction and without saying a word and smiling cast right back in there and sure enough.... BOOM! this beauty came out.
We pulled ashore and took these few snaps. Great memories it was my first time to Montana. Something very special indeed.


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