My Introduction to fly fishing


I think this is where my madness for fishing really went up a notch. My wife organised for me a weekend fishing trip for me in Scotland. I really had no idea what i was getting myself into but it sounded really cool.


We flew into Scotland and checked into a lovely Hotel on the outskirts of Edinburgh, the plan was that we boys would go off on our fishing trip and the ladies go shopping.To then all meet up at the end of the day for dinner and to tell each other of our awesome day.

My wife had booked two days fishing. One for trout and grayling on the river, fly fishing, and one Pike fishing on some private water.


Callum from Scotia fishing picked us up bright and early and took us down to the river. We where pretty damn lucky and would seem we got the only weekend in the year that was sunny in Scotland.


Beautiful deep colours emerged as we got closer to the wilder parts of the landscape. Pheasants and dear appeared weaving their way in and out of the scenery as we walked up a small path to the river.

My best man Phill, my Dad and I where introduced to Nymphing for Native Brown Trout and Grayling. We all caught our first Brown Trout and Grayling right there on that river.


I have this fantastic memory of my dad, gentlemanly as he is wading in the middle of the river with his flat cap on overlooking this beautiful bridge. From there, for some reason, fly fishing started to resonate with me. We were euro nymphing (but i didn't know it at the time, or had know idea what it was then) the sound of the water, the dark greens, browns, and yellows of the trees, the blue of the sky, stepping into the river and trying to catch a fish in this way really started to appeal to me. A piece lulled itself over me and I felt quite at home. I could not wait to get back to my wife to let here know how awesome my day was and to thank her.

 tom whieldon with pike in hand

The next day where introduced to Pike fishing on some private water. We all got a Pike and it was damn cool. Credits really have to go out to Scotia Fishing for the great photos and incredible job that Callum did getting us novices on those truly stunning fish. He also cooked us an awesome water side lunch everyday we were out with him! The scenery is truly incredible I love looking back at the great photos. Where it all started really. . . .




thanks Callum.



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