Fishing in Montana | Depuy Spring Creek

Here we go, Whieldon fly fishing top 100 places to fly fish. These are in no particular order but for reasons of fly fishing excellence have made it to our list.
Let's get one thing clear there is an endless choice of water to explore in Montana and I mean endless! This was our first visit to Montana and our first day with our guide. Montana Angler, the outfit we booked our trip through had just been superb and fixed us up with some of the best fishing waters that Montana has to offer.
This was our first visit to some truly superb local creek water just outside of Bozeman, I have fished the Kennet, The Itchen, and the Test back in the UK But I was totally astonished at the natural beauty of this place. The waters had similarities to a certain extent but where very different in others, first off you could wade this water and you didn't risk disappearing into the abyss if you stepped foot in the water. On many occasion I have got stuck back in the uk, stuck and I wasn't even stepping in. Hip deep in mud and it was not pretty.
I am not very flexible and for some reason believe that every single deep mud hole next to the bank is sure and safe. I am never right..... Ever, I usually get into a fish, get excited, get close to the bak and end up sinking into the mud while trying to real in my prize. Not a pretty sight, and very clumsy of me.
The water was crystal clear, the peace and quiet was breathtaking, and here was one of those waters where you could stalk your fish to your heart's content. Not only the fish were hard and spooky, but they also where beautiful and of good size. 
We wanted to have a crack at these fish using our passed experience on waters back home so we started fishing dry with our 7" 6' 3# rods, we tried stimulating them to take on the surface but unfortunately, noticed right away that both our fly’s and techniques were not working on these very picky fish, so we switched to a check nymph and started having a bit more interest but still nothing. We just had nothing in our arsenal that was small enough to replicate the midges these trout were feeding on.
Eventually, we gave in and listened to our guide who rigged us up with.......booh..... a bobber setup using some microscopic chironomid patterns. Feeling utterly defeated, finding our skills didn't mean jack in this place, and that local knowledge of our super guide was key,  we agreed, gave up and followed suit. Right away we started getting into some lovely fish.
We hooked into some great browns and rainbow trout of different sizes, it was such a change of fishing from the first few days on our own and really enjoyable. But still, no Cutthroughts to be caught on my lightweight rod. That moment was reserved for our visit to the Upper Lamar in the Yellowstone National park

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