Euro nymphing & ticking bottom

Trout are pretty much constantly eating! It is a constant battle of survival to eat as much as you can while preserving energy. This means that they will try to preserve energy by not having to constantly swim hard against the current, yet be close enough to the current that is rich in food. Allowing them to pop in and out of the current to feed or to simply wait for the food to come right past them. So all they have to do is open their mouth as the food comes right past them. Of course there are exceptions and for good reason, bigger trout can have caves for example that they wait for smaller trout or other prey to wander into for shelter. But this is a generally good rule of thumb to keep in mind.
So back to the main point of the article, why is it so important to tick bottom when Euro nymphing? Well first of, there are different styles of Euro nymphing, today i am talking 10/11/12ft 2/3weight rods and fishing directly on the line, without using the fly line. But mostly this article can be applied to any sort of nymphing. Wether you fish with one or more nymphs it helps you gage the bottom depth. Just by raising the bottom nymph, just a little makes sure that your nymphs are acting and moving in a natural way instead of dragging. What does this mean? Well as the nymphs come down in the water current, they will be coming down at the same speed. This can be attained by keeping a little tension on your line making, sure you are always above and ever so slightly in front of the leader. Keeping your rod tip high fishing over your nymphs so the line drops down straight. This way you eliminate the drag that extra line can cause.
Another very important reason to tick bottom is that generally that is where the fish are! The nymph follows the path of the water, but as they are slightly heavier and because you are in a way guiding them they will tend to edge right around the rocks. Fish will be waiting for the meal to come to them from the slower moving water, which is generally behind and in front of rocks right at the bottom. This allows them to eat without exerting too much energy, as i said previously.
So that is my two cense on the subject.
I find this to be really helpful when I’m out nymphing on small mountain streams and I hope this will also help you get into more fish. I always catch well when those nymphs are ticking. Not as well when they are just floating down unnaturally. I also find that passing the same spot a few more times generally helps. I would love to hear other people’s tricks and opinions on this let me know in the comments bellow.
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