Euro nymphing for winter trout

Well the winter is upon us and my favorite season is finally here, tourists around Lake Como decrease the lake is quite and the leaves take on beautiful colours before falling. Everything is still. some of my favorite fishing has been in winter months and despite what people might say, trout are still active and hungry, but to a lesser degree. To preserve energy they will move slower and stay closer to the bottom, they will generally feed on smaller insects fed from the river such as small midge hatches and any insect that falls from the trees.
Some say that trout in the winter cannot be caught. But in reality trout have to eat and so yes they can be caught, you just have to adapt to the situation.
We generally will nymph fish in the winter but some die hard dry fly fisherman can still be seen around, and they catch from time to time as well, but we all have to stay on a spot a little bit longer than what we usually would in the summer
Here are a few tips for nymphing in the winter
  • slow down your presentation,
  • get your nymphs as deep as possible and ticking bottom,
  • reduce your nymph size
The last bullet point is a tough one to calculate, you have to keep in mind the hatch and water speed but the smaller you get the harder it is for your nymphs too tick bottom, so here are a few more tips:
  • reduce tippet size
  • use well weighted small nymphs such as Perdigons that have minimal drag
  • use a sinking nymph or split shot to help you get down there

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