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Resident trout migrations.

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Resident trout migrations.
Well here is a super useful bit of information for you resident trout DO migrate, they may be of a lesser extent than sea-trout, but they will move up and down river and sometimes in and out of lakes at various times during their lives, for spawning, feeding and shelter.
Lake Como has quite a few rivers that flow into it. The two main rivers the Mera and Adda River allows migration for large lake trout but also for resident brown trout. I would love to know the story behind this beautiful trout that we caught on the Adda river quite low down near lake Como. What do you think, is it possible that she went into the lake to hunt?
The migration is mainly noted mainly with large Marble trout and Lacustre trout that leave Lake Como and head up river to spawn. But they have also been known to do this in the warmer months to hunt.